League of the Famed
and Glorious

show your fame and glory[1]

In a world where the apes have become rich, the rich needn’t become apes.

The League of the Famed and Glorious is a limited collection of 19,999 digital collectables which reside as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT represents the famed and glorious lion in a unique combination of traits and colors, and can be used as your unique representation on virtual platforms in addition to being an investment[2] in ‘digital art.’

Click the “Join the League” link below to go to the minting page to acquire your famed and glorious lion. Once all available lions have been minted, it will no longer be possible to mint one, and these will then only be available at NFT marketplaces for the prices at which they are put on sale by their owners.

Get yours, before the cat is out of the bag.


Only 19,999 famed and glorious lions can ever exist


The lions are fairly distributed with each priced equally (0.05 ETH) for everyone


Commercial usage rights for the NFTs with the respective owners

You may also browse the collection on Opensea, and buy a famed and glorious lion from an existing owner, or place your own lion(s) for sale.

[1] Show your fame and glory, without turning into an ape.
[2] Not financial advice.